TRI-ing to help LGBTs in need. [fundraising, sports]

self-organised fundraising action for LGBTs who suffer from persecution, lack of acceptance, ignorance, hatred, suppression, violence and the like through the participation in a half-distance ironman.

zeit in der moderne. auf der suche nach der sozialen zeit. [talk]

lecture on the evolution of social time from early to late modernity. part of the interdisciplinary colloquium "zeit & zeitgeist" at europa-universität flensburg on 2 may 2017.


zeitwohlstand in der sharing economy. [workshop]

workshop on time prosperity in the sharing economy at the conference "utopikon" in berlin on 5 november 2016. jointly undertaken with gerrit von jorck and katharina bohnenberger.

zeit als wohlstandsindikator. [workshop]

workshop on time as an alternative indicator of wealth at "Z2X - festival of the new visionaries"organized by zeit online, the digital version of the german newspaper die zeit.

auf der suche nach der sozialen zeit. [talk]

slam on social time from a system theoretical perspective as part of the "FUture slam" competition at freie universität berlin during the long night of sciences.


sebastian in vancouver. [blog, html, css, php, mysql]

self-made blog on my experiences during a research stay at the university of british columbia in vancouver, canada.

zeit in der zweiten moderne. [workshop]

workshop on time in the second modernity during the association of ecologic economy's summer academy.

zeitperspektive & zeitorientierung - eine interdisziplinäre und theoretische annäherung. [poster]

scientific poster exhibited at the event "Zukunft? Welche Zukünfte? Huddle der Studierenden und Alumni des Masterstudiengangs Zukunftsforschung".

greenpeace @ cop20. [social network analysis]

using twitter data (generated and processed with R) to conduct a social network analysis on greenpeace's network in the context of the unfccc's (united nations framework convention on climate change) 20th conference of the parties (#cop20) in lima, peru.


summer 2013 in beijing. [video]

self-made music video based on footage filmed in beijing, china.